Diploma of Business

This Diploma of Business course is designed to provide students with opportunities to gain competitive edge with the skills to successfully start a career in management and leadership positions for a braod range of industry sectors.
This course will prepare students for senior management roles including Executive Office, Project Consultant, Administrator, Business Owner and Corporate Manager.
The course covers risk management, human resource management, finance management, administration and project management.


Advanced Diploma of Business

This Advanced Diploma of Business course is ideal for students who are seeking to develop expertise across a wider range of business functions in a senior administrative role and/or wishing to consolidate and build pathways to further education opportunities.
This course gives students the confidence to take their career to the next level by expanding their knowledge and skills in the crucial practices of a business.
The course covers leadership and management, strategic human resource planning, marketing planning, finance management and workplace policy development.


Advanced Diploma of Translating

This Advanced Diploma of Translating course is designed for students who already have advanced bilingual skills and seeking for a professional level career in translation industry.
Our translation course focuses on English on LOTE (Mandarin) specialisation. Students will benefit from this course by gaining the advanced linguistic transfer skills needed in translating in specialised settings.