Counselling provided by our Welfare Counsellor is available to those studying at FLS on matters rangin from private concerns to living issues.

Students can see the counsellor for a variety of reasons. Everyone finds themselves in difficult circumstances at some time in their lives. Sometimes students want to speak to someone who is professional, confidential and separate from family and friends.

Reasons to speak with the Counsellor

If you are having personal diffidulties, or just want to talk about:

  • Your special needs
  • Your disability
  • Relationships
  • Family issues
  • Ongoing problems with anxiety, stress, shyness, depression, low self esteem
  • If you need moral support in attempting something challenging

FLS will provide access to welfare related support services to assist students at no additional cost to the student, which includes counselling services. In some cases, FLS counsellor may refer you to an external provider, which will be at no additional cost, however, the external provider may have their own service fees, and students may have to pay this fee). Please see Students Services Officer to learn more about Counselling Services that are offered and to make and appointment.

Academic counselling provided by the Director of Studies will be available to students who have questions about a course of future study options. Appointments can be made via Students Services Officers.